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Woodworm Treatments in Medway

Woodworm is the common phrase used to describe the larvae of a range of wood boring bugs. Groombridge Building Preservation specialise in woodworm treatments in Medway that identify the species of wood borer and eradicate infestation through an efficient timber preservation strategy designed specifically for the environment inside your home. The initial proof of an attack by one of the woodworm species is the presence of tiny fight holes in the surface of the timber. These arise after larvae pupate and adult beetles emerge from the wood. As wood boring beetles usually take flight between April and October then this is the time when small debris or dust-like waste material discharged in and around the hole might point to activity.

different types of wood boring insect require different types of woodworm treatments in medwayMeasures to prevent woodworm infestation

  • Keep humidity levels low and ensuring wood is well-ventilated. Check moisture content of your timber.
  • Remove pieces of furniture or non-structural timber that are infested to avoid the woodworm spreading.
  • Install electric fly traps in loft spaces and under-ventilated areas to kill emerging adult beetles in the summer months, and thus reduce the threat of infestation.


Considerations for Woodworm Treatment

In order to provide an effective cure for wood-boring insect infestation our woodworm inspections in Medway need to establish:

  • The type of woodworm and magnitude of infestation
  • Whether the infestation is likely to be active or non-active
  • Whether timber decay is an issue
  • Whether any structural damage has transpired
  • What woodworm treatment is most suitable for your distinct property

Water based woodworm treatments in Medway and timber preserving pastes are meant to minimise chemical treatment exposure hazards to individuals, animals and the natural environment. Chemicals are engineered to deliver long-term protection against the development of future infestations and help prevent fungal decay.


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If if left untreated woodworm can very seriously damage timber – leading to structural failure of timbers.

Our skilled, experienced surveyors will conduct a detailed inspection to guage the extent of any problem and the type of woodworm involved. They’ll also determine if the infestation is active, check for associated problems such as wood rot or damp and if any timbers need replacing. Based on this in-depth evaluation they will then recommend any appropriate woodworm treatment. Our woodworm treatments in Medway carry a 30 year guarantee

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Not all woodworm are harmful – consult a professional entomologist to identify the woodworm before you decide on treatment. The British Pest Control Association offers an insect identification service.